Plasma Sword
Plasma Sword


Dark Plasma Inc.


Plasma Sword


Plasma-based Melee weapon


4.22 ft


  • The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order
  • Z-Templars
 The Plasma Sword is a Zenolian plasma melee weapon. It contains a vast amount of plasma in it.

There are two "tunnels" inside the hilt in which the plasma fills. Hatches in each tunnel block the plasma from flowing up all the way out. When a button is pressed, the hatches fling open and the plasma slowly flows out, and then bends in towards the middle, and then shoots directly up, forming a blade.


  • The Plasma Sword is based off the Energy Sword weapon in the Halo game series. The Plasma Sword picture is actually an Energy Sword from Halo 4 (picture is from Halo Nation Wiki).

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