Nexar's Rings
Nexar and its orbiting asteroid belt.

Galactic Parameter

Brim of the Edge


The Nexar System


  • Nexus Space
    • The Maze (Asteroid Belt)
    • Pennia
    • Taras
    • Kaaz
    • Nexus
    • Gan
    • Rolx
    • Heras

Star class

Un. G2


Nexar, once one of two stars in the Nexar System, was a bright white star a few fractions larger than Earth's sun Solaris. Billions of years ago Nexar had a companion named Nexel. Although, after hundreds of years the system became inhabited with only one star due to a massive black hole named Abyss slowly eating away at Nexel until it was completely gone. The Abyss eventually died down, and luckily for Nexar and its orbiting worlds, the black hole moved away. Around this time the dust and debris of the newly forged system created hundreds of orbiting worlds. The worlds crashed into each other thus creating a demolition of unorganization. With the rise and fall of all the system's planets, the debris forged forged an asteroid belt and seven lasting worlds. Billions of years later civilizations created a factory that mined gas from Nexar's solar flares.

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