Nepenthe and its two moons

Galactic Parameter

Medium Spiral Radius


The Nepen System




  • Nepen
  • Ethera

Planetary Tier



18,781 kilometers

Atmospheric Tier

T2 (Thin Oxygen)

Planet Type


Gravitational Strength

9.92 m/s

The world of Nepenthe viewed from the edge of a river

Primary Terrain

  • Arctic Tundras
  • Mountains
  • Oceans

Rotation Period

28 Earth Hours

Orbital Period

372 Earth Days


Nepenthe was a cold arctic world of ethereal landscapes and light rings made up of debris and little asteroids. The world had very little life and a thin layer of oxygen. It was located within the Medium Spiral Radius of The Milky Way Galaxy. The planet had one dulling sun, Nepena, and two moons, Nepen and Ethera. Its geography was mostly made up of water spanning from oceans to rivers, however it had many mountains and near the poles were cold tundras. People who wanted to explore the world had to wear oxygen tanks and protective gear to keep them safe from the cold weather. The world had a floating shield generator that took the shape of a diamond, controlled by a security force of Etherans from the inside. The shield generator allowed no one to enter or escape the world, even the security force themselves; their whole lives were dedicated to their jobs and so they lived inside the generator. The shield generator was created to protect the endearing landscapes and little life that the planet had. Although nearly uninhabited, Nepenthe's moon's were home to much life. Life actually habitable for the planet were small plants and weeds that had adapted to Nepenthe's extreme weather.


Records of Nepenthe dated as far back as the year 27,860 BC when Etherans were forced to leave their original homeworld after the Omnipotent Zenon Empire invaded their planet during the event of a mining campaign, later destroying it, leaving the species to discover Nepenthe and adopt its moon as their new home. Being that Nepenthe and Nepen were impossible to migrate to based on its harsh conditions, the Etherans had no choice but to survive on only the moon that they adopted, later naming it after the homeworld that was now destroyed: Ethera. The Etherans survived their near extinction and multiplied not only in population but in their advancement to superior technology to survive the cold weather, even on Nepenthe itself but for only a few months.

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