Mortem Isles
Ichabad Mortem island




Ichabad Mortem


Ichabad dead

Ichabad Mortem laying dead, near an old ruin and his escape pod

The Mortem Isles was a small archipelago of islands and arch-way rock formations. Ichabad Mortem, after killing Marrek's Apparition and Bartholomew Tramaiaz, went back to Zeno. After seeing that his son  was falsey accused and taken to Zenolian prison, Ichabad went back to Earth but crash-landed near  a group of islands. He took his broken starship ashore and built a small cabin. For the next few centuries of his life, Ichabad lived among the Archipelagos. He built a cabin and several other structures on one of the arch-way rock formations. He was mysteriously killed when trying to repair the dislodged escape pod that came from his ship. He was found centuries later by a Harbourage Elucidati  exploration team.

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