Mind-Symbiosis Chambers were popular modules built into homes and entertainment facilities on Zeno. A Mind-Symbiosis Chamber consistently scans the thoughts and mind of the individual that is currently using it, and then replicates certain mental impulses as physical holograms. To make the scenario seem more realistic, the chamber blasts the individual with quantum particles that deceive the senses and then creates senses based on the holograms. The individual then can feel the holograms as well as smell, hear, and see them. The chamber, itself, moves and changes with the self-moving panels on the ceiling, floor, and walls. If the individual is approaching the wall, the chamber will manipulate itself and draw the individual backward, without them noticing due to the holographic illusion. Most middle class Zenolians can afford a normal-sized Mind-Symbiosis Chamber, but the upper class can buy larger, more advanced chambers. Special versions of these chambers are also sometimes used by the Zenolian Military to simulate certain scenarios and events. 

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