Marrek's Apparition


Earth (Created on Starzeno but imprisoned on Earth)

Date of Birth

c. 1 billion B.C.

Date of Death

1104 A.D.


Star Being Replication



Height as Adult

3.35 meters

Mass as Adult

113.40 kilograms

Eye colour

Lime green

Skin colour

Pale purple

Favored weapon(s)

  • Claws
  • Wings
  • Telepathy


The Apparition of Marrek was an atom-for-atom replication of the Star Being Marrek. When he ran from being sealed away in Starzeno, the Star Beings recreated an exact replica of him and imprisoned him on Earth, in a special tomb of which he could not escape. Because the replica was an atom-for-atom duplicate, if Marrek reapproached the Milky Way, Reality would find a fault and both Marreks would be wiped from Existence, thus neutralizing the matterous error. The Zenolian, Ichabad Mortem, killed Marrek's Apparition in 1104 A.D., as he knew it would finally let Marrek return to the Milky Way. He hoped to be rewarded by Marrek when he arrived, but the Star Being did not arrive until several centuries after Ichabad's death.

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