Malaki O. Ion



Date of Birth

4,352 A.D., Abaddon

Date of Death

9,250 A.D., Magistrate City





Height as Adult

2.27 meters

Mass as Adult

79.21 kilograms

Hair colour


Eye colour


Skin colour

Light grey


  • Cybernetic eye (During the Third Great Civil War)
  • Artificial right leg (During The Third Great Civil War of Zeno)

Blood type

Dormant Zenon Sincerus


Bartholomew Ion


Kelly Ion


  • The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order (formally)
    • The Dark Legion Council
    • The Star Lords
    • The Zenolian Military
    • The Zenolian Navy
  • Earth (formally)
  • The Reborn Zenon Empire
    • The Zenolian Elite
    • The Zenolian Military
    • The Zenolian Navy

Favored weapon(s)

  • Customized Synthetic Plasmablade
  • Customized Z-1500 Plasmic Rifle
  • The Darkhart of Spelunky
  • The Darkhart of Oblivion
  • Telekinesis


Malaki O. Ion was the 9th and final ruler of the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order. He was the oldest son of Bartholomew Ion and became king after his father's death. Sometime in the first 500 years of his reign, he had somehow managed to collect both the Darkhart of Spelunky and the Darkhart of Oblivion. Having both granted him immortality and quickly corrupted his mind. He then dissoluted the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order, the Z-Templar, and the Order of the Star Lords. He reconstructed the Omnipotent Zenon Empire in a crude spin-off of it known as the Reborn Zenon Empire. After two thousand years of his dictatorship, the citizens of Zeno revolted and the Third Great Civil War of Zeno began.

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