Planet of Origin


Chosen Language(s)




Height of average adult

1.8 Meters

Skin colour

Light pink to Dark pink/purple

Normal Hair Color(s)

Various purple/pink colors

  • Black

Average lifespan

250 Earth Years


Warrior caste

Worker caste


Mammal/humanoid qualities, weak telekinesis


Lithians are the main species of an ancient unknown planet. According to Princess Valery Zaptros, Lithians were once one of the most feared species in the galaxy, until they lost their power. The old Lithians were powerful with telekinesis, until an unknown disease affected the Lithians and their telekinetic abilities grew weaker. Lithians are very rare around the Milky Way, some historians believe they are extinct. Valery Zaptros is currently the first known Lithian to be seen in years since B.C turned to A.D. The Lithians were separated into two castes, the Warrior caste and the Worker caste. The Warrior caste was anyone with ties to important Lithians, usually belonging to the army, private security personel, mercenaries, etc. While the Worker caste was the general public that didn't descend from important Lithians.

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