Ichabad Mortem
Ichabad Mortem's face



Date of Birth

349 B.C.

Date of Death

1529 A.D., Earth





Height as Adult

2.04 meters

Mass as Adult

72.78 kilograms

Hair colour


Eye colour

Emerald green

Skin colour

  • Light grey (Zenolian)
  • Pale (Human morph)

Blood type

Corrupt Zerrat Sincerus




Priscilla Mortem

Favored weapon(s)

  • Modified Synthetic Plasmablade
  • Iron broadsword
  • Telekinesis


  • The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order (Formally)
  • The Cult of the Dark One (formally)


Ichabad Mortem was the father of the nefarious Dread Mortem as well as his brother, Venar Mortem. Later in Ichabad's life, he traveled to Earth after reading legends about the wicked Star Being Marrek. He found out that he could let Marrek into the Milky Way galaxy by vanquishing his atom-for-atom apparition that the Star Beings created when they found out that he had ran from being sealed away in Starzeno. The apparition would keep Marrek away until it was destroyed due to it being an exact molecular replica of him and if two exact combinations of matter of his calibur were to come anywhere, such as a galaxy's radius, near it it would cause Physical Creation to "glitch out" and erase the molecular error. Ichabad found that Marrek's apparition was somewhere on the growing planet of Earth. There he found a cult that followed the Apparition of Marrek. After killing the cult's leader, he found Marrek's apparition and ultimately killed it. Thinking Marrek would reward him, he thought he had done a great thing, but all in all he had damned the galaxy to potential destruction. Bartholomew Tramaiaz, a human that Ichabad brought along on his quest to kill the Apparition, realized that what Ichabad had done was bad. He then turned on Ichabad and was quickly maimed by his companion. Ichabad, after killing Bartholomew, left for Zeno. Over time, he returned but crash-landed within an archipelago later named, "Mortem Isles". After living there for several years, Ichabad began to repair his broken ship but mysteriouly died before he had finished.

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