Hexin is a virus contained in a parasite that laid dormant on Monde Perfide de La Mort for centuries until Reshkade scouts explored the planet and brought the parasite and virus back to Reshia on accident, causing the Day of the Hexin ForayHexin is a virus that a unknown parasite contains. Hexin can affect both organic and in-organic beings.


Hexin on organic beings causes most to die instantly, go into a rage until they are killed off by the virus, or become carriers. Carriers will transmit the virus to anyone they come into contact with and are the main reason for the Hexin virus' spread. The Hexin parasite causes machinery around it to manlfuction, or fritz out. When ships on Reshia came into contact with the parasite, they began manlfuctioning and firing upon nearby reshkade. Most ships flying above Reshia at the time that came into contact with the parasite manfluctioned and crashed on Reshia, causing many forest fires.

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