Harold Grant
Harry Grant



Date of Birth

1865 A.D.

Date of Death

1886 A.D.





Height as Adult

1.73 Meters

Mass as Adult

66.67 Kilograms

Hair Colour


Eye Colour


Skin Colour



Harold "Harry" Grant was an american cowboy under the influence of Amaranthine.

Early LifeEdit

Harry Grant was 2 years old when his mother died and 5 years old when his father died. Grant spent his life as a criminal, beginning to rob banks at the young age of 14. When he was 15, he pulled off one of his biggest heists, but was caught. Grant was jailed for 3 years until being able to escape. Later, he was confronted by an ominous man, who was Llawer, disguised as a human. He suggested the two of them rob a vault, containing a map to buried treasure. Grant didn't consider himself much of a treasure hunter, but did have skill in robbing banks and was interested in the pay. Llawer and Grant went to the vault, which was guarded by two men in black. Grant and Llawer were successful in getting the map and went off to hunt for it. The two of them spent years looking for it.

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