Harbourage Elucidati
Harbourage Elucidati logo


  • Hannibal Sheinil (Founder)
  • Numerous others





  • The United States of America (1803-1947)
  • Antarctica (1949-2541)
  • Elucidati Station (2542-4871)


  • The United States of America
  • Germany
  • Australia
  • China
  • Canada
  • Antarctica


1803 A.D.


4871 A.D.


  • Xenocell (formally)
  • The FreeMasons (formally)
  • The United States of America
  • Germany
  • China
  • Australia
  • Canada

Primary role(s)

  • To reform the Bavarian Illuminati
  • To find Zenolian technology and reverse engineer it for advantageous usage
  • To create a one world order in which they rule
  • To enlighten the world


The Harbourage Elucidati was a secret organization founded by Hannibal Sheinil. Hannibal Sheinil had moved to the United States of America in 1799 A.D., and joined Xenocell and the FreeMasons. When he had heard that the Bavarian Illuminati, a secret society founded by his life-long friend, Adam Weishaupt, permanently disbanded, he decided to recreate it in America, as he knew it was more tolerable to such things. In 1803 A.D., he created the Harbourage Elucidati, and broke away from Xenocell and FreeMasons. Several members from each secret society followed Sheinil, all with knowledge of their former groups, and helped build up the new splintercell. Unlike its predecessors, the Harbourage Elucidati kept itself hidden and only chose a select few to enter its ranks. By 1900 A.D., the organization had successfully embedded itself within several national governments such as its birth-country, Germany, and Canada. Acknowledging the existence of Zenolians, the Harbourage Elucidati sent out several exploration teams to scope the world in hopes of finding any Zenolian technology to use for them own, in hopes to further embellish themselves. In 1908 A.D., an exploration team came across an archipelago in the middle of the Pacific ocean. Within the group of islands was an arch formation with a rubbled marble structure atop of it. As the explorers neared the arch, they noticed wooden structures such as old docks, an ancient cabin, and rotted stairs. The Elucidati explorers climbed to the top of the arch, and found a half decayed corpse of a tall humanoid. Beside it was a rusted, metallic piece of machinary with small crates and packs surrounding it. Realizing the corpse was non-human, the explorers took it and the old machine back to the Harbourage Elucidati headquarters. In 1910 A.D., scientists that worked for the organization had declared that it was Zenolian. Engineers began to try to reverse engineer the machine found by the dead Zenolian, but failed at every attempt. 

 After Xenocell dispersed in 2217 A.D., the Harbourage Elucidati quickly took control over almost every country on Earth, but remained in the shadows for several more centuries. In 2528 A.D., the organization successfully forged a one world order, and quickly made stellar space travel possible. Over the next few millenia, the one world order would hold dominian over the earth, favouring the Aristocrats of the planet and eventually turning the planetary government into a Bureaucratic Aristocracy.

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