Possible Harbian

Planet of Origin


Chosen language(s)




Height of average adult

1.87 meters

Skin colour

Light red to light blue

Average lifespan

913 Earth years


  • Pure Harbian
  • Solimfaen Harbian
  • Tempest Harbian


Large, black eyes/three fingered claw-like hands/horn-protected, three-toed feet/crystals pertruding off of body/droopy mouth/smoothly bent hind legs


Harbians are a sentient species that can only be found in the Harbitros Nebula, on their homeplanet of Harbitros. Crystals grow out of their body, which can make it easier for defense. Harbians are extremely durable against extreme heat temperatures, as their planets of Harbitros, Solimfae, Tempest Hi, and Tempest Lo constantly interorbit between the baby stars found in the nebula. To keep interorbit safer, the Harbians invented a large space station to stabalize gravity within most of the nebula's inside, keeping the stars from causing the planets to break apart.

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