Haekreus Fa'metreit



Date of Birth

1894 A.D.

Date of Death

2005 A.D.





Height as Adult

1.73 meters

Eye colour

Dark blue


  • Biocatharsis
  • Celestial Parliament


Haekreus Fa'metreit was the founder of the infamous fuel company known as Biocatharsis. As a young X'et'li, Haekreus was traveling aboard a small passenger starship when it suddenly shut off in Empty Space. He and its passengers were stranded in the middle of no where for nearly three Earth months. Whilst stranded, Haekreus had to keep alive by feeding himself; he had to eat the other passengers or he would starve. After having a taste of X'et'li flesh, he developed a lust for it, causing him to begin studying his species' biology and anatomy. Several years of learning about the X'et'li body, he discovered that the blood within him and his species could be used as a combustible fuel if treated properly. He then founded Biocatharsis, a fueling company, and constructed the Cobalt Facility. The company's facility was the base of all blood-purging operations, and also gave Haekreus the opportunity to be rekindled for his love of X'et'li meat. In 2005 A.D., however, he was arrested and convicted of several hundred crimes against X'inlar and Celestial Parliament -- one having to do with his cannibalistic tendencies.

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