HMS Lionheart
HMS Lionheart


Z. Shipyard & Foundry Centre

Ship model

Z-Royal Class Light Frigate


  • Personal Frigate
  • Carrier


82 meters

Maximum speed

2,425 space mach per hour

Navigation system

Zenolian stardrive


  • 6 High-powered Plasmic lasers
  • 2 Plasmic auto-turrets

Earliest sightings

1259 A.D.


The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order

  • The Ion Family
  • The Zenolian Navy

Known owner(s)

Xizzle X. Ion


HMS Lionheart was Xizzle X. Ion's personal frigate. It was a Z-Royal Class Light Frigate, and the only thing different about it was its colour scheme. In 1841 A.D., Xizzle Ion went on a secret mission to Mars in HMS Lionheart, and on his return Martian stealth agents boarded his frigate and damaged the main controls. The damage resulted in HMS Lionheart crashing into the private hangar of HMS Dark Bombarder, evidently destroying itself, HMS Swift Striker I, and killing Xizzle Ion.

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