HMS Dark Bombarder


Z. Shipyard & Foundry Centre

Ship model

Zenon Ship-of-the-Line Gigatronix


  • Capital Ship
  • Carrier
  • Warship


56,000 meters

Maximum speed

975 space mach per hour

Navigation system

Zenolian Stardrive


  • 1,300 Plasmic lasers
  • 990 Plasma cannons
  • 620 Zenocore lasers
  • 400 Zenocore firespray turrets
  • 200 Ionization nodes

Earliest sightings

3013 B.C.


The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order

  • The Imperial Zenolian Navy
  • The Imperial Zenolian Military

Known owner(s)

  • Xerxes X. Ion
  • Xizzle X. Ion
  • Renald X. Ion


HMS Dark Bombarder was an extremely large capital ship invented by Xerxes X. Ion. It served as the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order's commandship until it crashed into star. It is the predecessor of HMS Revelation.

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