Gran Tierra

Type of government

Capitalist Democracy

Founding document

El Reanudar Doctrine

Head of government

Prime Administrator

Legislative Branch

El Grande Congreso

Executive branch

  • The Prime Administrator
  • The Dividend of Religion
  • The Dividend of Economy

Judicial Branch

The Lifeblood of Justice


Baño de Sol, the Gulf Coast

Chosen language(s)

  • Spanish
  • English


Oro Símbolos

State Religious Body


National holiday(s)

  • Christmas
  • June's Equinox


Para Perdonó Nosotros


c. 29 million

Date of establishment

5017 A.D.

Date of dissolution

8951 A.D.

Date of restoration

8951 A.D. (as worldly government)


Gran Tierra was the largest country founded after the One World Order of Earth was destroyed by the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order. It covered all of North and South America, and its capitol, Bano de Sol, is found on the shore of the Gulf of Mexico. 

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