Galaxicon Concordat

Type of government

Congressional-Democratic Entity

Founding Document

Zeno-Harbitros Agreement


The Galaxicon Charter

Head of Parliament

Galaxicon Head-of-Assembly

Legislative Sectors

  • The Galactic Parliament
  • The Secondary Parliament
  • Planetary Congregations


The Galaxicon Eminence Station, Harbitros

Chosen language(s)

Universal Harbage


Galaxicon Creds

Date of Establishment

21,550 A.D.


The Galaxicon Concordat was a galactic-wide governmental entity formed after Dey's War to replace the desolated Celestial Parliament. After the war ended, Harbitros and Zeno -- which both fought valiantly against Dey Iseos -- formed the new galactic entity for nearly one year, and finally finished it in 21,550 A.D., bringing the Milky Way into a new era. Even though Zeno helped found the Galaxicon Concordat, the Epsilon Order did not join and returned to its isolationist fashion. The first few planets to join the new government -- besides Harbitros -- were Earth, Rox, Krargantof, Rudimentum and Carcere. Several previously isolationist planets, most notably Morbius, also joined the Galaxicon Concordat.

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