Freedom Week


All Zenolian governments and its populus (excluding the Omnipotent Zenon Empire and the Reborn Zenon Empire)


  • The destruction of the Omnipotent Zenon Empire
  • The start of a free era
  • confirmation of Zenolian patriotism


  • Private events and festivities within family orientations
  • Public events, festivities, and parades
  • National historical displays of hte First Great Civil War of Zeno
  • large public feasts


Zeno Space


June 16th until June 23rd (converted to Earth month and days)


Freedom Week was a week-long holiday originally started after the First Great Civil War of Zeno. It was originally celebrated by the Zenox Axis of Power, but when the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order was created, they adopted the holiday to further honour the freedom that was granted when the war was over.

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