Frankie Sparks



Date of Birth

1822 A.D.,

Date of Death

2208 A.D., The Necroforge (Supposed Death)





Height as Adult

1.74 meters

Mass as Adult

84.79 kilograms

Hair Colour

-Black (Original -Brown/Black (Dyed)

Eye Colour


Skin Colour

-Tan Caucasian -Caucasian


Right Bionic Hand

Blood Type



Right handed






  • Earth
  • The Zeno-Ion Imperial Order
    • The Star Lords
    • The Zenolian Navy

Favored Weapon(s)

  • 3.5 foot bladed sword
  • Custom Chrome mini-pistols
  • Stealth bombs
  • Cloaking device
  • The Darkhart of Oblivion


Frankie Sparks was a human male from Earth. During Renald X. Ion's first visit to Earth, in 1841, he met Frankie Sparks. The two became friends, and Ren revealed his true form. Astonished yet compelled, Frankie remained Ren's friend. The young Zenolian then asked Frankie if he wanted to go beyond Earth. He said yes, and so Ren and Frankie traveled back to Zeno. Frankie decided to stay on Zeno, and he soon he became a miner. While mining for Z-Cobalt, he found a heart-shaped piece of obsidian that flet unnatural when in his hand. Frankie decided to call it the Darkhart of Oblivion, and was somehow compelled to quit his job as a miner.

Early LifeEdit

Sparks was born on Earth, 1822 A.D. in the city of London. Sparks as a small child never knew his mother or father , sadly. When he was born, they abandoned him at the age of 3 in their apartment. His mom and dad didn't tell any of their relatives that they moved and abandoned him. One relative showed up 4 days after he was abandoned. They barged the door down and looked around for his mom and dad. They weren't there. The relative heard crying from Frankie's room and saw him crying on my crib. The relative was his aunt and uncle. Judy and Gabe Sparks. They called the police and they brought him to an adoption center. He was never adopted. When he was 19, he was released from the adoption center and out on his own.

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