Planet of Origin


Chosen Language(s)



Sentient/Arachnid and Humanoid qualities

Height of average adult

Between 2.50 and 3.00 Meters

Skin colour

Grey to Dark Black

Normal Hair Color(s)

Grey to Dark Black

Average lifespan

800 Earth years


Arachnind qualities/humanoid qualities/Advance Intelect


Feroxians are the main species of Carcere, a forest planet in the Milky Way. They were a species of sentient arachnids with a legspan of approximately 3 meters. They were known for being very inteligent and advanced. It is believed that their love for law and order came from the fact that because they were so intelligent, they had no need to commit crimes on their planet, however, many Feroxians that left Carcere, usually followed a path of crime. They decided to turn their homeplanet into a galactic prison.

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