Date of Birth

Before Time


Star Being



Height as Adult

4.05 meters

Mass as Adult

70.15 kilograms

Eye colour


Skin colour

Pure White


Ezekiel was one of the three Triumvirs of the Star Beings. He, and the other two Triumvirs, were supposedly born at the Beginning of Time, and created Reality. They then assumed domain over everything, and became the leaders of the Star Being species. Several aeons after Reality's birth, Ezekiel became obsessed with power and tried to overpower the other Triumvirs. He, however, was overpowered and was sentenced to the newly forged Purgatorial Damnation. Knowing it could happen to others, the other Triumvirs locked themselves away in Starzeno for Eternity. Before being sealed away, Ezekiel corrupted a Star Being by name of Marrek and tasked him with one day freeing the Star Beings and himself.

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