Eximortinitus is a biological weapon developed by Zenolian scientists to be used during planetary invasions. It was mainly used by the Omnipotent Zenon Empire but was outlawed by the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order. Special starships were designed to quickly fly throughout the sky of a planet, releasing the poisinous gas into the air.


Eximortinitus is a deadly toxin that takes the form of a lime green, transparent gas. Zenolians are immune to it and can inhale large quantities with no effects. If other species, however, inhale the toxin, then their death is inevitable. The poison starts off by causing the individual painful migranes and prominent nausea. Next, their body starts to shake without control, but they can still use their motor functions. Then, 20 to 40 minutes post-inhale, their organs will begin to cannibalize themselves and the muscles in the arms and legs will feel as though insects are crawling and biting them. By this point, the individual will be in such intense pain that it could cause them to go unconscious, in which they would die a silent death. If the individual is healthier beyond average, and they have a stronger mind, they will endure the pain until they finally die when the vital organs have been melted and digested by the body. Some species have more intense effects, such as their skin starting to peel off and their ear drums dissolving, leaving them deaf. 

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