Rising into fame as a poet Ochavern Kalasin read the tale of Marrek, a being who fled to the Andromeda Galaxy to begin his master plan and rescue the great triumvir Ezekiel from Purgatorial Damnation. The tale inspired Kalasin to write the grand poem Entity of Perdition. Yet, while working on the poem, the very words he wrote himself terrified him into a stage of writer's block and was unable to finish his poem for many months. When the dark poetry was finished however it was placed in Magistrate City's museum.


Entity of Perdition

With my own eyes;
I saw doom and death;
And with every word;
He made them mute;
He made them deaf;

His name is legend;
His story a myth;
You may know him;
As the one;
Who carried a scythe;

He had the eyes of a demon;
But truly a devil;
He was not to be compared;
No, he was beyond anyone's level;

And when he raged;
In hell fire would rain;
His dark powers and abilities;
They were sickeningly insane;

Aye, and it was true;
He lived backward in time;
Him, the immortal;
A true prodigy of sinful crime;

He was full of hatred;
He was full of wrath;
And even Zeno would be dust;
If it were in his grasp;

He tincted;
He darkled;
And beneath the hazy mist of shadows;
Only his blood red eyes;
Had sparkled;

And with each threat he yelled;
Grown men and women died;
So I watched in my dreams;
As their former loved ones cried;

Oh how I managed to survive;
All of my dreams;
I do not know;
Even late at night;
When I wake to my screams;

Why am I still here;
Why do I still write;
He tries to take my soul;
But he's not going to win;
Not without a fight;

He torments me;
In all my nightmares;
Screaming into my head;
He so easily scares;

He is evil;
He wants your blood;
More than a seaful;

He has a smile;
So dark and untrusting;
And with that smile;
It is your death;
That he's lusting;

With my own eyes;
I saw doom and death;
And with each word;
He made them mute;
He made them deaf;

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