Eluria Imperium

Type of government

Imperial Order

Founding Document

Founding Papers of Elurxus Cluster

Head of government

Emperor of Eluria


  • The Emperor of Eluria
  • The Sisters of Eluria

Judicial Branch

The Elurian Supreme Court


Eluria, Eluria City

Chosen language(s)

  • Elurxia
  • English


Elurian Joku Tokens

National Holiday(s)

Elursia Day (Celebrates decloration of the government)


Elurians the Mighty


458 trillion

Date of establishment

21,734 A.D.


The Eluria Imperium was a vast empire formed one hundred and eighty five years after Dey's War. It was originally established to create a bubble of peace  and isolation from other systems but the Nexus Imperial Order, who's home system was right next door, invaded Eluria in an attempt to take over the system in another ghastly conquest. Their plan was backfired when Elurian Military destroyed the warships above the planet thus leaving Nexus ground forces without transportation. Enemies were either arrested or executed. Eluria Imperium issued a war with Nexus and slowly The Nexian Empire began to crumble. The Diamond Cluster was overwhelmed by Eluria's defenses and lost in the war. The emperor was killed, all serious threats such as generals, colonels, and commanders were exterminated. After all the the constant fighting, Eluria claimed the Diamond Cluster as theirs.

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