Eludicati Station


  • NASA
  • Elucidati Science
  • Numerous others


Luxury Megasize Station


Space station


3.75 kilometers


0.39 kilometers


  • 200 anti-ship carbon turrets
  • 150 sonic cannons
  • 68 EMP turrets


  • Headquarters
  • Capitol Structure


  • Harbourage Elucidati
  • The One World Order of Earth

Earliest sightings

2539 A.D.


Elucidati Station was a capitol space station constructed by the Harbourage Elucidati after creating the One World Order of Earth. The Harbourage Elucidati was a secret organization that was the successor of Xenocell, and had successfully taken over the planet. The station started construction in 2535 A.D., and was completed in 2542 A.D. It served as the headquarters for the organization, and kept records of every happening on Earth. It also was one of the main locations where Earth's economy was stabilized. Around 4860 A.D. the aristocratic world order began to backlash, and the economy failed, Ecludati Station became armed to the teeth, to keep citizens from attacking it. When the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order took notice, King Malaki O. Ion ordered that the One World Order of Earth be destroyed, and that the Human species be reset. In 4871, Malaki led a large attack on Earth, easily destroying Elucidati Station and nearly eradicating the entire Human race.

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