Galactic Parameter

Brim of the Edge


The Bioma System



Planetary Tier



87,354 kilometers

Atmospheric Tier

T3 (normal oxygen)

Planet Type


Gravitational Strength

11.57 m/s

Native Species


Chosen Language(s)

  • Elarian (Original)
  • Vitalix (Adopted)


Elor City


37 Billion


  • Government of Elaria
  • Celestial Parliament
 Elaria is a large planet in the Milky Way Galaxy. It his home to the Elarian species.

Elarian CultureEdit

The Elarians worship a large water oak known as the Tree of Life that sat near a massive pond, the Pond of Life. No matter how many branches and leaves the Elarians cut off the tree, the branches and leaves always grew back. The tree has been around for thousands of years, and it never dies. No Elarian dares to cut down the whole tree itself, however, because Elarian prophecy foretells that if it is cut down, it will reveal a large gaping hole that fire will rush up and destroy all of Elaria, and then Elaria would be pulled to its sun and the two entities would explode, creating a massive black hole.

The Elarians' homes were all made out of wood from the Tree of Life, but they were sturdy because the wood from this powerful tree was hard and good for building. They would also use the wood to make fires and hunting pikes.

They used the leaves to make medicine and tea.

The Elarians would hunt animals using their wooden hunting pikes for food and would collect water from the Pond of Life or milk from cows to drink. The water from the Pond of Life was also boiled in pots on stoves and then leaves from the Tree of Life would be put in the boiling water to make medicine.

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