Eiveret Lissam



Date of Birth

13,093 A.D.

Date of Death

13,860 A.D.





Height as adult

2.33 meters

Mass as adult

78.59 kilograms

Hair colour

Dark crimson

Eye colour


Skin colour

Light grey


Left Cybernetic eye

Blood type

Unstable Zenoxia Acidulus




  • The Epsilon Order of Zeno
    • Z. Shipyard Physics Sector
  • Zenon Nihilism Society

Favored weapon(s)

  • Dual-wielding synthetic plasmablades
  • Modified dual-wielding Z-Eternity Plasmic Tempests
  • Zenolian Matter-Dissolvant Grenades
  • Telekinesis


Eiveret Lissam was a Zenolian scientist. He was in one of the higher ranking agencies within the Z. Shipyard & Foundry Centre's Physics Sector. He and his team were trying to create a synthetic pocket dimension to better advance Zeno's technology, but their experiment failed. Space was momentarily defiled, which caused a massive energy ripple throughout one fourth of the Z. Shipyard & Foundry Centre. The energy blast damaged the large facility, as well as caused the deaths for over 3 million Zenolians. After being told to blame the energy blast on malfunctioning energy reactors, Eiveret tried to tell the Epsilon Order of Zeno. On his way to Magistrate City, however, his peers kidnapped him and re-synchronized his brain. They then sent him into Zenolian society with a new life. Many decades later, the Zenon Nihilism Society found Eiveret and revealed to him his past life. They then placed the memories back into his head. Coming to realization that they were telling the truth, Lissam went on a campaign to assassinate every one of his former peers, to wreak his vengeance. 

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