Draken's Paslaptis Ordinis

Type of government


Founding document

Paslaptis Conditam Orci (translated: Secret Founding Papers)

Head of government

  • King and/or queen


  • King and/or queen
  • All militant leaders
  • All naval leaders


Senatorial State Area

Chosen language(s)

Shrelish (Also known as Alienated Latin)


Zronda Fed. Tokens

National holiday(s)

New Zronda Day


The Green Jungles


9 Trillion

Date of Establishment

c. 38,617 B.C.


Draken's Paslaptis Ordinis, translated Draken's Secret Order, was the main governing body of the planet Zronderon. It was a Dystopia, founded with the intentions of self-power by the infamous Venden Draken. The government controlled its citizens by means of manipulation through Subliminal Messaging in all forms of entertainment. Examples would be:

  • pictures
  • holographic news letters
  • television
  • advanced radio
  • internet
  • any other technologies

With the power of Subliminal Manipulation the Paslaptis Ordinis could mentally make its citizens do exactly what it wants. It could make the citizens vote for a certain politician or even buy a certain advertisement. Due to Subliminal Manipulation the secret order mentally made citizens vote to pass slavery on the planet. Its power in Subliminal Messaging was so strong, citizens hadn't realized the changing of their ideas or that Subliminal Manipulation was possible. Venden Draken used Subliminal Manipulation to rise to a power no one being could oppose.

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