Dey's War

Beginning of War

21,377 A.D.

End of War

21,549 A.D.


  • The dissolution of Celestial Parliament
  • The extinction of several sentient species
  • The destruction of many planets (including X'inlar)

Major battles

  • The Assail on Zeno
  • Operation Redaction
  • The Battle of Zeroth
  • Hundreds of other battles

Casualty Total

c. 885 trillion


Dey's War, also known as "The Grand War of the Milky Way" and "Parliament's War" was a galaxy-wide war waged by Celestial Parliament on the Epsilon Order of Zeno. When Dey Iseos became the Parliament Overseer for Celestial Parliament, he introduced the idea to wipe Zeno out of existence by accusing the Zenolian species of being the source of most death and violence during wars within the Milky Way. Several planets immediately left Celestial Parliament, such as Earth, Krargantof, Rox, Elaria and Carcere. Almost all other planets within Celestial Parliament agreed and began to ready themselves for an invasion on Zeno Space. In 21,377 A.D., Celestial Parliament led a large invasion on the Epsilon Order of Zeno. Several hundred Zenolian warships were destroyed during the space battle, but the Zenolians easily fended off their attackers. Zeno then declared war on Celestial Parliament, and so the war was officially begun. 

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