Desolation of the One of Bedlam

Beginning of War

25,253 A.D.

End of War

25,254 A.D.


  • The death of the One of Bedlam
  • The destruction of numerous planets
  • The deaths of billions

Major battles

  • The Wild Systems Massacre
  • Front over Usterklaborr
  • Several other space battles

Casualty Total

c. 98 billion


The Desolation of the One of Bedlam, also known as the Galactic Crusade to Destroy the One of Bedlam, was a large-scale effort by the Galaxicon Concordat, aided by the Epsilon Order of Zeno, to stop the destructive path of the One of Bedlam, a gigantic antegerian who had entered the Milky Way via the Wild Systems in the Brim of the Edge. 

The war began in late 25,253 A.D., with a Galaxicon fleet of over 5,000 battleships making haste toward the One of Bedlam, soon thereafter discovering its true nature of devouring worlds. The first battle of the campaign was a total disaster; the Galaxicon Concordat had underestimated the size of the antegerian. The battle left almost all 5,000 battleships totally destroyed, and so later on the defeat was dubbed the Wild Systems Massacre.

Several space battles occurred as the One of Bedlam advanced further into the Milky Way, but the ships had little to no effect on the giant mass of organic life. The Galaxicon Concordat, in early 25,254, asked Zeno for assistance, and the latter accepted. Several large fleets of Zenolian warships were deployed to combat the antegerian at different intervals, as well as to study and record the activities and mannerisms of the beast. Though none of the Zenolian fleets even irked the One of Bedlam, it did lead the Epsilon Order devising a strategy that would kill the creature.

During the Front over Usterklaborr,  a massive fleet of 23,765 Galaxicon battleships and cruisers waited for the encroaching antegerian. A large fleet of 10,000 Zenolian space vessels also waited. When the beast finally neared the outerspace of Usterklaborr, Zenolian admiral Kremoyne Verna directed all ships to fire at maximum capacity into the many eyes of the antegerian. The beast reacted virulently, outstretching its thousands of large tentacles and arms, when suddenly Zenolian warships opened tens of synthetic singularities on various sides of the One of Bedlam. The massive volleys of firepower into the beast's eyes causes it to be dazed and stunned, and its outstretched limbs made it easier for the blackholes to begin engulfing it. The beast had been torn apart within an hour, and the singularies were quickly destabilized and closed. 

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