Day of the Hexin Foray


Hexin virus


10,564 A.D.


Reshia (and surrounding planets in the system)


  • 87% of Reshia's population is killed
  • All current technology on Reshia is destroyed
  • All Reshkade cities, citadels, and trading centers are destroyed


The Day of the Hexin Foray was a greatly disastrous day. After years of perfecting and building, the Reshkade made ships and armor capable of traveling to Monde Perfide de La Mort, a planet before non-explorable, for it is too close to Solantis, Reshia's sun. On landing there, a parasite attacked all of the crew, infecting them all with a virus called Hexin, most of the crew died from it. The survivors then headed back to Reshia, unknowingly carrying the parasite and virus. Upon returning to Reshia, as the infected crew were leaving the ship, and heading to a Citadel. The malfunctioning ships began firing randomly, killing the last of the crew, and the surrounding Citadels. Because the crew died, the Hexin carrying parasites needed new hosts, so they began slowly taking new hosts, spreading the virus, and killing off 87% of the Reshkade population. The few survivors of the foray, took a uneffected slave frieghter, and escaped to Rekan, a nearby planet in the Solantis system, to try and rebuild their technology, and escape the system.

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