Crystallos City
Crystallos City2
Location and Societal Information

Constructed and Builder

c. 40,070 B.C., by Emperor Marcus Blaze





Frozen Plains


Points of Interest

  • The Blaze Palace
  • Network of Crystal Caves
  • Coldar's Security Force Headquarters
  • Crystallos City General Hospital
  • Spaceport Alpha (north side)
  • Spaceport Beta (south side)
  • Coldarian Arms Foundry
  • Coldarian Terrestial Vehicles Corporation Headquarters


Approximately 27 Billion


The Enternal Coldarian Empire


Crystallos City was established on the Continent of Populus, it was built by Emperor Marcus Blaze and Coldarian Builders. Construction began a year after the formation the Empire and was finished 4 years later. Crystallos City was governed by the Enternal Coldarian Empire. The city was home to wealthy merchants who made a living off of the rich culture of Coldar as well as the crystal caves, where Coldarians mine Icy Crystals. A few miles from Crystallos City, exists Market Town, a small town filled with merchants. Crystallos City was a huge city, capable of holding 27 billion people. There were two spaceports located on Crystallos City, Spaceport Alpha on the North side and Spaceport Beta on the South side. The Blaze Family resided on Crystallos City, in their palace. During the Grand Coldarian Civil War, Crystallos City was the site of a battle and a tragic event, the Crystallos City Massacre.

Coldarian Colonists

Marcus Blaze and some explorers find the spot for the future Crystallos City

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