Cryokinesis was a power like telekinetic abilities, in which the wielder could manipulate cold temperatures and/or draw heat away from an object, causing its temperature to drop rapidly. It is believed that Cryokinesis is also the ability to control water, which to a degree, is true. The ability is only possessed by Zenolians; as far as official galactic records state. Of a trillion beings of the race, only a few million possess Cryokinesis, proving that the power is rare. Creyo was famously known for using Cryokinesis. He was also famous because of the sinister crimes he commited wielding Cryokinesis.

Unlike abilities such as telekinesis, Cryokinetic powers have a cause and effect. In order to draw heat away from an object the user must absorb it for him or herself. The heat will then expel simply by exhaling.

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