Covenant Empire Of Exodus
Covenant Empire Symbol

Type of government

Imperial order

Founding Document

Founding Files of The Egressian Council

Head of government

Zeus 'Vadam


  • The Emperor of Exodus
  • The Egressian Council

Judicial Branch

The Egressian Council



Chosen language(s)

  • Egressian
  • English (adopted)


Saephon Credit

National Holiday(s)

Remembrance Dawn


Never Forget



Date of establishment


The Covenant Empire of Exodus is the imperial order that governs Exodus. It was founded in ancient times, after a civil war broke out and wreaked havoc on Exodus. Soon after this civil war ended, this order was formed under the 5 original leaders of the Egressian nations, to form a council, nominating a single leader. Orion 'Vadam was the first to rule, and the current ruler is Orions decendant, Zeus 'Vadam

Heavy Machinery Edit

Species Affected Edit

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