Coldarian Arms Foundry
Coldarian Arms Factory


Katros Imawn

Parent organization

The Enternal Coldarian Empire

  • The Ministry of War


Coldarian Terrestial Vehicles Corporation

Artic Shipyards



  • Crystallos City Arms Foundry


  • Articap Arms Foundry

Trade Point Station

  • C.A.F. Store

Primary role(s)

  • Weapon building corportation
  • Forging business

Major products

IC-800 firearms

  • IC-800 Pistol
  • IC-800 Rifle

IC-850 firearms

  • IC-850 Grenade Launcher
  • IC-850 Revolver
  • IC-850 Rifle
  • Crystalblades
  • IC-Grenade Cartridges
  • Starship Cannons


The Enternal Coldarian Empire

  • The Ministry of War


The Coldarian Arms Foundry, or C.A.F., was Coldar's largest weapons manufacturing company. It was founded by Katros Imawn, the ancestor of Martha Imawn Blaze. They supplied weapons to the Artic Shipyards and the Coldarian Terrestial Vehicles Corporation.

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