Chaotic Sprite

Planet of Origin


Chosen Language(s)




Height of average adult

1.7 Meters

Skin colour

  • White
  • Pink

Normal Hair Color(s)

  • Brown
  • White
  • Blonde

Average lifespan

60 to 80 Earth Years


  • Nature Sprites
    • Pink Elves
    • White Elves
  • City Sprites
    • Pink Elves
    • White Elves


Mammal/humanoid qualities, pointy ears, keen eyes, pointy noses


Chaotic Sprites, also referred to as Jungle Elves, are the native species of Zronderon.  They are known to have pink or white skin and their hair color could vary from brown to white. Unlike most species their races are divided by their personality: Nature Sprites, a race that believe in the way of nature and live in the jungle areas of the planet, and City Sprites, a race that spent many years constructing the ecumenopolis of Zronderon. Despite their belief in city or nature, they were prideful and naturally born with a skill for fighting but were able to be manipulated by Subliminal Messaging.

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