Celestial Recomission


Silhouette X






  • Trezla
    • Silhouette X's Cloning Facility
  • X'inlar (temporarily)


1897 A.D.


1986 A.D.


Celestial Parliament (temporary predecessor)

Primary role(s)

To recommission Celestial Parliament and to re-arrange power in the Milky Way


Celestial Recomission was a large-scale organization founded by Silhouette X, shortly after cloning his own personal army of the galaxy's worst criminals. When Renald X. Ion fell for Silhouette's trap, he and his clones escaped the facility and Trezla via the transport on which Renald had came on. After finding a large amount of individuals to join Celestial Recomission, Silhouette X waged war on Celestial Parliament. After a two and a half year long war, Celestial Parliament had been subdued on X'inlar, the capitol of the Milky Way. Now in control, Silhouette X used his power to even further battle Celestial Parliament. the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order quickly stepped in and defended the galaxy. After several more years of galactic warfare, the Zeno-Ion Imperial Order and Celestial Parliament had defeated Celestial Recomission. Renald X. Ion took Silhouette X to Zeno's largest moon, Dark Moon, to be trialed on his oblivious actions. Celestial Recomission, without its leader, quickly dissoluted.

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