Planet of Origin

Coldar and Artic

Sicca Prime and Sicca Minor

Carcere and Carcere II

Elaria and Elta



Length of average Adult

2.07 meters

Skin colour

  • Snow Catsaur: White Scales with Gray Fur
  • Desert Catsaur: Yellow Scales with Pale Brown Fur
  • Jungle Catsaur: Green Scales with Black Fur

Average lifespan

100 Earth Years


Feline/Reptilian/large claws/two large teeth


  • Snow Catsaur (Coldar and Artic)
  • Desert Catsaur (Sicca Prime and Sicca Minor)
  • Jungle Catsaur (Carcere, Carcere II, Elaria, Elta and Sicca Prime (formerly))


Catsaurs were a non-sentient species native to the planets on the Bioma System. Catsaurs were felines with reptilian characteristics, having fur and scales on their body. Catsaurs are very territorial, so much that they drove the Leonians underground, on Sicca Prime, also due to their numbers growing and the Leonians incapacity to control their population. Before the arrival of the Zenolians to Sicca Prime, Desert Catsaurs did not exist on the planet, but on the moon, Sicca Minor. It is believed that the Jungle Catsaurs on the planet were forced to adapt to the new environment of Sicca Prime. Spectra G. Phantom owned a Catsaur named Gill.

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