Galactic Parameter

Brim of the Edge


The Callum System


Callum's Sun. Quinlan

Moon(s): Liom and Spenn

Callum's Moon

Planetary Tier

No information


Atmospheric Tier

No information

Planet type Icy Rocky Mountains

No information

Gravitational strength

No information

Native species. Callistico


Chosen language(s) Callistic

No information

Capitol Hollinth

No information


No information


No information


No information

Summary Edit

The planet Callum is a icy rocky planet with about 7 billion inhabitants. Callum is known for its rare minerals and gems. Many merchants gather in Hollinth to trade gems and sell silk and gold etc. In the rural areas the temperatures are extreme. Harsh blizzards rage on. As Hollinth is the largest city with 2 million inhabitants it OS the main source of wealth and the capital city. With The Callistic imperial order ruling, it is also outstanding in warfare in space with the native species not need much air to survive, in fact little to no oxygen is needed for the Callistico species to survive. And the space suits are light since the Callistico are used to frigid temperatures. They also use stardust cannons which are extremely powerul. Not to mention the light cannons that destroy even the largest of ships. Callistico ships are also unique being built for speed, the main gun ships have many cannons with deadly accuracy. The larger ships are built for safety and hold the Callist soldiers armed with light cannons which are like bazookas. In other words, Calling is not the planet to be messed with. Callum is also known for its famous "Neon Volcanoes" which are inactive volcanoes with neon lava slowly flowing out into the Neon Crater near Hollinth. The Irkli are often used for transportation. The Irkli are large reptilian creatures having tufts of fur on them to keep warm.

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