Caliantis Inferno
Caliantis Inferno 1

Galactic Parameter

Brim of the Edge


The Caliantis Inferno System




  • Lunam Inferno
  • Lunam caeli

Planetary Tier



2,941 kilometers

Atmospheric Tier


Planet Type


Gravitational Strength

9.94 m/s

Native Species

Tenebrosi Lacerta

Chosen language(s)

  • Sibilas (Original language)
  • Latin (multiple variations/from past rulers)


Atrio solii Planet de Inferno


6.4 million


Caliantian/Filius mortis/Filium gehennæ


  • All Caliantis Inferno Rulers

Known Rulers

  • Benjamin S. Drago
  • Lavender
  • Damien Anin


Caliantis Inferno is a dark, sun-less, volcanic planet. It is home to it's native species the Tenebrosi Lacerta that go by a strong religious honorment. It is seen as dishonorment to not fight along side your brethren in battles, and if you die not by fight, you are seen as dishonoring your brethren. Tenebrosi Lacerta will follow by and do what ever there current rulers say, as Caliantis Inferno has a strong gravitational pull from space, many passing ships crash on the planet, any survivors are either executed if sick or showing weakness, or put to a test. The test is to kill the current rulers; If you suceed, you are put in there place as ruler. The reason the Tenebrosi Lacerta do this is they see the survivors as falling from heaven, and if they suceed, they are seen as gods or goddesses. The Rulers of Caliantis Inferno have most to complete control over the planet. If a ruler said to bath in lava, the Tenebrosi Lacerta would do so. Caliantis Inferno has two moons, Lunam Inferno and Lunam Caeli; They are seen as the netherworld and Heaven respectively.


Tenebrosi Lacerta (Species)

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