Briath or (Bryth'an)

Planet of Origin


Chosen Language(s)

Not Specified



Height of average adult

  • Male (1.9 m-1.7 m)
  • Female (1.8 m-1.7 m)

Skin colour

No information

Normal Hair Color(s)

No information

Average lifespan

No information


  • Briath (Normal)
  • Bryth (Elder)

Summary Edit

Briath or (Bryth'an) are a lower species of Delicart. The Bryth'an race was at a good standard in phase technology, but they where cut short do to a close scrape with the Zenolians. The Zenolians through Delicart's third and smallest moon Thiodus into the planet. Luckily with the Briaths' advanced research in phase technology, was able to phase the moon safely through the plant only to put a partial crater in the side of the planet.

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