Haekreus Fa'metreit


  • Biocatharsis Purge Sector
  • Biocatharsis Fuel Shipment Services
  • Biocatharsis Employment Department


  • The Cobalt Facility
  • X'inlar

Primary role(s)

To supply Celestial Parliament with fuel

Major products

Biomass Fuel


Celestial Parliament


Biocatharsis was a fueling company founded by X'et'li businessman Haekreus Fa'metreit. It supplied Celestial Parliament with a large amount of biomass fuel and became fairly profitable in the first few decades of its existence. The company was founded in 1964 A.D. and built its fuel refinery  (commonly referred to as the Cobalt Facility) in 1969. In 1998, however, several Celestial Parliament investigators were alerted that many employees -- all X'et'li -- had gone missing. Further investigations revealed that a rather large number of X'et'li citizens within Celestial Parliament's boundaries had gone missing every year since 1970 A.D. Celestial Parliament then seized Biocatharsis' headquarters and the Cobalt Facility and discovered that Haekreus Fa'metreit had been abducting millions of X'et'li and having their blood drained from their bodies to be processed into biomass fuel. In 2005, Haekreus was found guilty and executed for hundreds of crimes against Celestial Parliament, X'inlar, Civil Rights, and Citizen Decency. Biocatharsis was also forcefully dispersed and the Cobalt Facility was sent into Empty Space.

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