Artic Shipyards
Artic Shipyards


Hector Prime

Parent organization

The Enternal Coldarian Empire

  • The Ministry of War


  • Coldarian Arms Foundry
  • Coldarian Naval Engineering


Artic Shipyards Station, Artic

Primary role(s)

  • Shipbuilding corportation
  • Forging business

Major products

Numerous Coldarian starvessels

  • Coldarian Class-1 Battle Cruisers
  • Coldarian Class-2 Battle Cruisers
  • Coldarian Class-3 Battle Cruisers
  • Coldarian Light Freighters
  • Coldarian Starfighters
  • Coldarian Bombers
  • Coldarian Medical Frigate
  • Coldarian Assault Shuttle
  • Class-AB Battlestations
  • Class-B Spacestation


The Enternal Coldarian Empire

  • The Ministry of War


The Artic Shipyards was Coldar's largest shipbuilding industry. It was founded by Hector Prime, in 37,870 B.C.

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