Planet of Origin


Chosen Language(s)

  • Arachanii
  • English (only by high command)
  • Morse Code (remaining race)


  • Sentient
  • Arachnid
  • Cyborg (remaining race)

Height of Average Adult

1.8 Meters

Skin Colour


Normal Hair Colour


Average Life Span

300 Earth Years


  • Arachnid Qualities
  • Humanoid Qualities


Arachgoniles are a species of Arachnid creatures who lived on Archvolvis. The Arachgoniles were of close range to average Human height. They were often creating weapons to be sold or used by themselves. Although they had a weak armed force, Sigmund Vora soon changed their army into a more advanced and tyrannic military. Soon realizing that Sigmund Vora had been using the army for planetary domination, he was removed from the Empass Court. The army was soon relieved of it's duties and became a terrorist organization. Many of Arachgoniles supported the cause. Soon, Sigmund Vora was visited by Amaranthine, an intelligent and mystical creature who the Arachgoniles believed was a god. They worshiped Amaranthine, believing he was the most powerful creature in the universe due to his power. The Empass Court knew his power was not as nearly powerful than most other species in the galaxy, like Zenolians. They tried to outlaw the religion of Amaranthine and stop him, but he exterminated the Court and seized control of the planet. Sigmund Vora was placed as Amarnthine's right hand man, and only a selected few, including Vora, knew that Amaranthine was not all powerful. But they supported his cause, knowing that he was very intelligent and could possibly destroy any beings stronger than them to assume control of the universe. They reorganized the terrorist organization into The Federation of Amaranthine. In 1853 A.D a cruiser found a restricted planet called Rudimentum, after 2 years of raging war, the Arachoniles had lost with a treaty of surrender in their name.

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