Other names

Ancient One, Elder

Planet of Origin



Sentient/Postmortal/Ancient being

Height of average adult


Skin colour


Average lifespan

Unknown, presumably aeons


The Antegerians, commonly also called the Ancient Ones or the Elders, are a category of ancient, pre-Geriatric being of various natures and forms that either still exist or at least their remnants do. Star Beings such as Aoz, Ezekiel, Xeraiah, and Marrek are examples of Antegerians. 

Antegerians also usually display postmortal tendencies, which aid in their exceptionally powerful abilities and states. Many Antegerians are also renowned as being extremely large. Surviving matter of a colossal Antegerian exists in the Tresphyxan nebula as a decapitated head that has been rendered to a skull. 

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