During the Omnipotent Zenon Empire's mining campaigns, the Zenolian species created extremely technologically advanced weaponry and warfares. One such warfare was Sonic Warfare, developed by Zenolian military strategists and scientists. It was used in subconsciously causing much of a planet or system's population commit suicide by way of music. And So the Song was Sung was written by a Kishian as his species killed themselves off whilst under the Zenolian music's seduction. The Kishian was eventually overwhelmed by depression via the music and took his own life.


And So The Song Was Sung

And so The Song was sung;
And with a Rise there was always a Fall;

Yet the warriors were young;
And with youth, their knowledge was nothing at all;
But still the warriors fought;
No matter what they did, what they were to say;
And no matter the dreams They sought;
It was The Song They were forced to obey;
The Song, it was powerful and inspirational;
Unyielding and unmerciful;
But in the end, The Song was a hellish musical;
'Twas The Song that brought the world to its full;
And oh how the Kishians listened;
With their dreams and high hopes;
The soundwaves boomed and its conductor commissioned;
Yet all They could do was grope;
For something lost and impossible;
And the Zenolians watched their fellow contestants die with agony;
And with each death the conductor found it the opposite of ungrateful;
People young and people small dropped to their death in the Kishian Sea;
They had known the battle was lost;
But expected nothing like this;
With their last thoughts, they knew their enemies' cost;
And so they thought they were to die with pride;
Not in shameful suicide;

And so The Song was sung;
And with a Rise there was always a Fall.

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