Date of Birth


Date of Death






Height as Adult

2.25 Meters

Mass as Adult

160 Kilograms

Hair Colour


Eye Colour


Skin Colour

Black and Red


Amaranthine was once known as a master of science and magic. His origin is unknown but there is few information that individuals known about him. Amaranthine was once a powerful being, a trickster rather, for he fooled his opponents into believing that he was the most mighty being in the universe, whereas he was not. He used scientific exploits, or known to the earliest beings he presented it to, as magic. Amaranthine used his magic to amaze those who were not as intelligent as him and they became his loyal followers. Amaranthine possessed few supernatural powers, having the limited ability to raise some from the dead. He could also imitate individuals. Amaranthine became a master of sorcery and trickery among the people he appointed as his followers. Although having limited power, he preferred to put his mind to the test.


Archvolvis became a large planet for Amaranthine to corrupt his influence on. He grew fond of Sigmund Vora, and decided he would have Vora become his right hand man in the new order entitled to Amaranthine. Amaranthine wiped out The Empass Court, which was the government of the planet. Many bowed to Amaranthine as their leader, but only few knew that he was not the most powerful being in the universe. He only wanted to give the species false hope so they could worship him and do his biding. Sigmund Vora knew of Amaranthine's weaknesses, but knew that Amaranthine was intelligent and could possibly help Vora take over the universe. Teaming up with Vora's terrorist organization, they formed The Federation of Amaranthine.

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