Admiral G. Argost



Date of birth

1822 A.D Magistrate City

Date of death

2202 A.D






2.55 meters


76.89 kilograms

Hair Colour

Jet black

Eye Colour


Skin Colour

Light grey


Admiral Ganson Argost was Zenolian fleet Admiral of the few warships known as: The Intelligence, The Phantom, and the main ship of the fleet the notorious "Blue-Moon". He was the founder of the 74th annual Imperial legion.

Early LifeEdit

Ganson argost was the supposed son of Tobias Argost, Former Royal Imperial Guard while the great Xizzle Ion was ruling. He grew up only with his mother, which he soon lost at the age of 15, being the available age to be a worker in a control bay in an on ground cargo bay, he worked as a repair and engineer for 6 years until the age of 21 where he took his first steps onto a space cruiser, which was the prototype for the same model as the Blue-Moon, he started working as an engineer aboard that cruiser and soon was awarded an honorary medal for repairing the duel engines after the ships core had a never before seen glitch. soon enough he made his way working with control bridge computers and was working for about 4 years until he got his next promotion to captain, when the original admiral got shot by a criminal who somehow made his way to the ship, Argost was left in charge and became admiral. 

Tied TogetherEdit

in 1856 A.D, Argost led The Blue Moon to the planet Rudimentum, for he was intrested in getting a healthy file on their character. When they arrived the land was thriving once again, after war, when he visited the Capital City so to speak of these people, he was ambushed by a legion of Rudi'em, under the command of Grek Ent'og, a Rudi'em general, Argost stated that he would not harm any of the Rudi'em, Sadly Grek took him and his men into custody, being polite, Argost agreed. Argost stayed in the cell for 3 days, when the General that Captured him, Grek, was thrown in with him, Argost wondered why he was captive as well, Grek explained that he was framed for heracy, when he attempted to assasinate the king of Rudi'em. for an extra two days they stayed in the cell, Argost and Grek decided to escape, together, Grek was not the only one who was in disagreement with the King of Rudimentum, infact most of the Rudi'em were against him, Grek eventually convinced the guard to let them both free, the king was in shock when all of Rudi'em was against him, The king was sent to prison by the will of the people, when argost left he became close with Grek, although, the planets were not entirely allies, yet.

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