'A World Diverged' was a poem written by a Crouthian sometime during the Crouthian Civil War. It was found by explorers who were wondering the postmortem world of Trez'a'crouth. The author is unknown.

A World DivergedEdit

So it comes down to this;

Enkindled domain meant for all time,

Reduced to nothing more than flames of embitterment;

Trez'a'crouth, what have you done,

You've disrupted everything known to us,

Maimed the capillary in which the diamond holds,

You have surceased the ties and promises

That made you wholesome;

Malformed and scarred,

Your surface is ravaged and grimaced;

Somber and solemn,

Your two halves lay in shambles;

And here I stand, taking it all in,

My face burnt and darkened by the heat of war,

And by the flames of misunderstanding;

Shunning one another, you do not see

How much pain you've delivered unto me;

Trez'a'crouth, it could have ended in tranquility,

Enough room for two halves;

But alas, the domain you shared,

It was surceased;

I speak unto you, Trez'a'crouth,

Both halves,

It shouldn't be this way;

The fate you have chosen,

it is set in stone;

But do not weep,

Dear Trez'a'crouth,

I will stand with you -- both of you

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